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Projected Images Competition No.2 (4 Dec 2018)

Set Subject: Abandoned Engineering

Judged by Lynda Golightly (Consett)

"Leaderfoot Viaduct" by John Donaldson

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"Seen Better Days" by Dave Wood

"Washed Up" by Alan Watson

"Cattle Class" by Dave Wood

"Final Scoop" by Joyce Tunnard

"Old Suspension" by Richard Narcross

"Spare Parts" by Alan Clark

"Old Lamps" by Richard Narcross

"Past it's Prime" by Chris Hales

"Abandoned WW2 Mulberry Dolphins" by Les Smith

"The Old Bilge Pump" by Alan Clark

"Tubular Chairs" by Michael Hudson

"Harsh History at Groverake" by Andrew Nicoll

Highly Commended

"Beached" by Joan Pearson

2018-2019 Season