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Projected Images Competition No.1 (23 Oct 2018)

Judged by Trevor Roxby (Hartlepool)

"Beaver Creek, Great Tetons" by Michael Homer

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"Into the Shadows" by Alan Watson

"Holy Island Harbour" by John Donaldson

"Jerez Sherry Festival" by Michael Homer

"Bathhouse Reflection" by Alan Watson

"Seal of Approval" by Richard Narcross

"The Library" by Alan Clark

"Hut in the Forest" by Pat Porrett

"The Last Post" by Les Smith

"At Appleby Fair" by Bill Maxwell

"Spectral" by Peter Craig

"Yellow Dragonfly" by John Cook

"Table for Two" by Chris Hales

Highly Commended

"Scorched Sunset" by Ray McIver

"Belogradchik" by John Cook

"Seaweed before Sunrise" by Ray McIver

"Catching the Moment" by Andrew Nicoll

"Big Bend, Little Bend" by Michael Hudson

"Brinkburn Priory" by Peter Reynolds

2018-2019 Season

"Roll of the Dice" by Les Smith