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Projected Images Competition No.1 (11 Oct 2016)

Judged by Trevor Roxby

"Inside the Dome" by Alan Watson

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"St. Mary's Subtle Tones" by Ray McIver

"Herd Groyne Lighthouse" by Peter Reynolds

"Blyth Seaweed" by Ray McIver

"Cormorant" by Peter Reynolds

"Spring Colour" by Anne Swearman

"Laburnum Arch" by David Parkinson

"Rock and River Textures" by Andrew Nicoll

"Still Standing" by Richard Narcross

"Busy" by Peter Craig

"Number Five" by Joyce Tunnard

"Heron 1" by Alec Bissett

"In the Lead" by Les Smith

"Curlew in Flight" by Peter Craig

Highly Commended

2016-2017 Season