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Projected Images Competition No.1 (10 October 2017)

Judged by Ivor Robinson (Hartlepool)

"Over the Top" by Bill Maxwell

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"Life Saver" by Peter Reynolds

"St Mary's at Low Tide" by John Donaldson

"Blue Waters" by Joyce Tunnard

"Alone" by Alan Watson

"4th Time for Mo" by Richard Narcross

"Three Drummers Drumming" by Brian Tunnard

"The Big Wheel" by Les Smith

"Misty Thoughts" by Les Smith

"Grey Heron" by Jeff Evans

"Barn Owl Hunting" by Peter Craig

"Coming up for Air" by Michael Hudson

"Peaceful and Placid" by Ray McIver

Highly Commended

"At the Lido" by Joan Pearson

"Broken View" by Joan Pearson

"Priory Windows" by Alan Porrett

2017-2018 Season